Nucleus Healthcare, Newport

The specific aim of this project was to modify an existing Endoscopy room to form a new operating theatre at Nucleus Healthcare in Newport. The installer directing the project was Fulbourn Medical, a long term specialist installation company in Cambridge. Goss Environmental Coatings Limited liaised carefully with Fulbourn Medical to provide a fast track hygienic coating installation at the end of the project, bringing the substrates back up to a good hygienic standard following the installation of the specialist equipment and associated building works. The design team needed a proprietary operating theatre coating system, installed quickly and efficiently, on time and to a high quality standard.

The Solution

Liquid Plastics’ Sterisheen was used on this project and applied on a range of substrates including existing coatings and new substrates. Sterisheen is a waterborne, hygienic, modified acrylic, low odour and rapid drying elastomeric coating. The programme for completion was very tight but the low odour nature of Liquid Plastics coatings, coupled with careful planning and rapid drying, enabled multiple trades to work in close proximity within the area to get finished on time. Fulbourn Medical and Goss Environmental Coatings Limited knew – from experience and previous project specifications – that Sterisheen would meet the parameters required and would provide a fast track solution that would satisfy the tight deadlines involved.

The Benefits

The Sterisheen system provides a cost effective coating that creates a hygienic, cleanable, elastomeric coating finish in operating theatres and other cleanroom environments. Sterisheen is durable, provides good resistance to a range of chemicals and cleaning agents, and can withstand impact without flaking and cracking. Sterisheen is low odour, fast drying and extremely versatile. The use of Liquid Plastics hygienic systems can contribute significantly to long term coating performance and minimising lifecycle costs.

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