Rother House Medical Centre

As part of the refurbishment contract at Rother House Medical Centre, Goss Environmental was selected by main contractor Clean Modules Ltd to supply and install nearly 200m2 of sterile coatings within the new operating theatre and adjacent areas.

  • Tretoplast WB spray-applied sterile coating system applied to walls and ceilings
  • All work carried out while hospital remained open to patients and the public
  • Durable, seamless coating resistant to mould and bacteria

“We applied the system to new plaster and previously painted substrates. We installed Tremco’s Tretoplast WB as part of a ‘fast track’ programme. It was proposed to the clients because it gives a smooth, joint free, anti-bacterial surface and is practically odourless when used. – George Goss Managing Director, Goss Environmental Coatings Limited

Prior to the application of the coating system, new plasterwork was treated and previously painted surfaces were sealed. The work, carried out while the hospital was still open to patients and the public, involved spraying the Tretoplast WB system on to walls and ceilings of the new theatre and all of its ancillary rooms.

Tretoplast WB system has been used in theatre/clean room facilities by a multitude of organisations: NHS, BUPA/Spire, BMI, Classic, Capio, Classic, HCA and Aspen hospitals plus many ‘blue chip’ pharmaceutical organisations and governmental/ research institutions.

The result is a seamless elastomeric coating with a durable, cleanable finish on floors, walls and ceilings. Resistant to mould and bacteria, Tretoplast WB is ideal for use in operating theatres, laboratories, prisons, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food and leisure industries and similar facilities.

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