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  1. Who are Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd?

    Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd specialises in high performance and hygienic coatings. It has over 25 years of experience and works mainly in the medical, pharmaceutical, research, leisure and food/beverage sectors.

  2. What services does Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd provide?

    We supply and install high performance hygienic coating and cladding systems, commonly used in operating theatres, clean rooms and other aseptic areas, also frequently used in circulation areas/corridors, etc. These systems offer high level hygienic performance and can also improve efficiency and contribute to lifecycle performance.

  3. What is special about the high performance and hygienic coatings you supply and install?

    Obviously the performance characteristics depend upon the particular specifications. Common characteristics of these systems, as compared to conventional coatings, include: elastomeric qualities (systems do not flake/crack as conventional paints); ability to clean using more aggressive cleaning techniques; longevity (significantly contributing to lifecycle economics); thick and durable; resistance to chemicals; non-leaching; and they contain anti-microbial elements which give these coatings ultra hygienic characteristics.

  4. How are the products installed?

    Hygienic coating systems are applied by a variety of techniques, depending upon specifications. Some products are applied conventionally but many of the systems can only be applied by airless spray. Fibreglass systems are installed by proprietary installation techniques depending upon technical specification. All products are installed, spec by spec, according to recommended installation techniques.

    GECL operatives are experienced in the installation of such systems and trained accordingly (including manufacturer training techniques).

  5. What aftercare do you provide?

    We take pride in all of our projects and want our clients to get maximum value from the services we provide.

    All the systems, applied by GECL, carry a manufacturer’s guarantee.

    Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd also offers a full ‘Operations and Manual’ pack following completion of all projects. We provide ‘touch up’ paint on site following completion of projects and clear instructions on how to use this material on small scale repairs.

    GECL also provides bespoke aftercare and maintenance services and would be please to provide details for all projects.

  6. What are your quality standards?

    We understand the importance of quality standards.  We have over 25 years experience of applying systems that exactly meet manufacturers’ specifications. We are certified applicators for a wide range of key manufacturers

    Our quality standards include manufacturer certification, ISO 9001 and CHAS certification.

  7. How do you ensure quality assurance?

    We are an ISO9001 certified company. All projects are underpinned by organisational wide procedures and practices aimed at ensuring quality and maximising value.

    We operate a feedback response procedure to measure our performance which provides continual project to project feedback on our operational standards.

  8. Who are GECL applicators for?

    GECL can, and will, apply any proprietary system which is specified. However key manufacturers we apply for include: Sika Liquid Plastics Ltd, Tremco Illbruck Ltd, Construction Specialties UK Ltd, APML/Acalor, 3M, ICI Dulux plus Trovex, Altro and BioClad.

  9. What do you mean by ‘Fast Track’?

    Fast track means the project is executed over an accelerated programme, minimizing disruption and down time to facilities, with projects often executed ‘out of hours’ and over weekend and bank holiday periods.

  10. What lead-in period do you need?

    Projects are always planned on an individual basis but GECL normally requires a minimum of 2 weeks from order to start a project.   We can, however, respond to urgent projects in a shorter timescale if required.

  11. Are your operatives security cleared?

    GECL work extensively in the medical, pharmaceutical and governmental sectors (prisons, research institutions, etc) so our operatives have various levels of security clearance which are usually obtained on a project specific basis depending upon the level/type of security clearance required.

  12. Do you offer discount?

    We pride ourselves on providing fair, fully inclusive lump sum prices wherever possible. However, sometimes a price discount can be offered upon the basis of, for example, exceptionally good or accelerated payment terms.

  13. What is your minimum/maximum order?

    We do not have a minimum/maximum order. We look at every project on an individual basis.

  14. Which areas of the UK do you cover?

    We are both a national and international applicator of hygienic coating and cladding systems.

  15. What is required prior to Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd commencing on site?

    We want to ensure that every project is effective and efficient. GECL requires clear instructions, clear confirmation of specification and clear confirmation of product requirements.

    It is important to note that, where required, Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd may provide information on proprietary products.  However, it is the responsibility of the client/relevant design parties to determine suitability of a product for the environment into which it is being installed.

  16. How do we make an order?

    We require orders on all projects in writing before we can commence work. This can be provided by post/e-mail and should be on company stationary.

  17. How do you differ from other applicators?

    We believe that we differ from other applicators by being:

    • Specialist, focused
    • Very customer service orientated
    • Very reliable – with regards to time scales, dead lines
    • Having people/managers working exclusively and extensively in the field of high performance hygienic coating systems.
  18. Do you supply paint?

    Yes, Goss Environmental Coatings are applicators of coatings and cladding systems we also supply hygienic coatings – please see ecommerce online ordering system.

  19. Are the coatings installed high odour?

    This depends upon the specification. However, many of the high performance products we supply and install are water borne technologies and are very low odour, enabling them to be installed (with careful planning) in, or alongside, ‘live’ facilities.

  20. What are the drying times of the products used?

    Although this depends upon the specification and particular product used, many of the coatings which we install are rapid drying and can be installed on a ‘fast track’ basis, multiple coats being installed within a short time scale to make sure ‘down time’ is limited and facilities can be put back into action ASAP, minimising disruption to critical facilities.

  21. Can the products be easily maintained?

    It is imperative that products are initially installed as per specification and by manufacturers’ recommended installation techniques by a trained and competent installer. However, many of the products we install can then, if necessary, be ‘touched up’ (for example if damaged) ‘in house’, as long as the integrity of the coating system is not compromised. Goss Environmental Coatings always leave ‘touch up’ material on site following the completion of projects.

    Goss Environmental Coatings provide an ‘Operations and Maintenance’ manual for completed projects and are happy to provide guidance on maintenance issues.

  22. Do Goss Environmental Coatings carry out site surveys?

    Yes – site surveys are provided free of charge.

  23. Does Goss Environmental Coatings provide design and specification information?

    No – Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd are an installer and do not carry design liability. However we are pleased to provide guidance in putting our clients in touch with proprietary manufacturers who can provide project specific specifications.

  24. How do we find out more about Goss Environmental Coatings?

    Please see our web-site: www.gosscoatings.co.uk

    Contact our office: 01727 830352

    E-mail our office: office@gosscoatings.co.uk

    Contact our Managing Director – George Goss:

    Mobile: 0771 2198249