Health & Safety

It is Goss Environmental Coatings Limited’s policy to plan for, and safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of everyone who works at, or visits, our premises and other places of work and who is likely to be affected by our operations. We will do all we reasonably can to:

  • make them aware of potential hazards, safe working practices and the arrangements for emergencies such as fire, first aid etc;
  • protect them from risks at work through effective risk assessment and the implementation of appropriate preventive and / or protective measures;
  • provide our staff, and visitors where appropriate, with personal protective equipment, together with information and guidance in its use, whether required by regulation, code of practice or operational considerations;
  • ensure that our accommodation, equipment, facilities, materials, substances, transport, driving and working practices are safe and without undue risk to health;
  • help our employees & operatives to meet their legal duty of care, by involving them, and encouraging their co-operation in the management of their own health and safety, through appropriate information and training;
  • consult our staff on matters affecting their health, safety, and welfare at work;
  • provide competent support to our managers and supervisors¬† to continuously improve and maintain a consistently high standard of health and safety management in their areas of responsibility.

George Goss is the Executive with responsibility for health & safety policy. This statement is supplemented with a more detailed Health & Safety policy which is available from GECL on request.

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