Hygienic Wall Cladding

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Goss Environmental Coatings Hygienic Wall Cladding and Wall Protection Services

Alongside hygienic and high performance coatings, Goss Environmental Coatings also offer a range of hygienic cladding and wall protection services, closely complementing our coatings installation service.

Altro Whiterock Installer

Trovex Diamond Select Installer

Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd have attended Altro Whiterock installation training.

Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd can offer Altro hygienic  and Trovex Diamond wall cladding services  – offering our Clients a premium service and excellent supply and installation prices.

We have worked on many prestigious projects in a range of sectors. Used as stand alone hygienic finishing solutions and / or in conjunction with high performance hygienic coating systems, hygienic cladding systems offer high quality; impact resistant; cleanable finishes minimizing the need for repair and maintenance and reducing life cycle costs in hygiene sensitive environments.

Hygienic cladding is used extensively in the Healthcare; Pharmaceutical; Retail; General Industrial; Food and Beverage; Leisure; Prisons and Educational sectors.

Goss Environmental Coatings Ltd operatives receive training in the installation of Altro whiterock systems including thermo-forming techniques

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