Clean Room aseptic coatings:
Operating suites, clean rooms for drug production, research laboratories, etc;

Coatings for hygienic and food processing areas:
Odourless and high performance coatings for manufacturing, production, distribution, and catering areas, etc;

Durable coatings for circulation areas:
Cost effective, durable and maintainable coatings for use in hospital corridors, colleges, schools, institutions, and general circulation areas, etc;

Associated services:
Applied floor coatings epoxy, polyester, polyurethanes and acrylics; wall cladding/protection bumper strips, sheet protection, corner protectors, etc;

Systems advice :
As a long-term installer and proven specialists, we are pleased to provide experienced-based opinions and input from a practical end-user focused perspective, i.e., systems and product characteristics,  cost/benefit comparisons, maintenance considerations, etc.*

* Please note, GECL offers experienced-based input only, and do not profess to be design professionals in the sectors in which we operate, and carry no design liability. Please see terms and conditions, available on request.

  • We carry out small jobs as well as large contracts
  • We do emergency and short notice work
  • We aim to provide a full and immediate service to all our clients
  • We are fully prepared to work unsociable hours and over holiday periods

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